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       Poseidon watched the female, who seemed not too happy about her mother and thus didn’t press upon the subject which would have been better discussed over cake along with tea. “I will simply have to go to Olympus if I desire a meet them all - something I am sure I can put off for a longer period of time.” His tone was still calm yet it was clear he had no desire to go visit everyone, especially since Zeus seemed to sometimes pick up the topic of how Maxilimillian tried to dethrone him. The sea god was one to simply prefer his water world to the endless politics along with incest within his family of gods along with their offspring. “Though they don’t have the endless pools of water like I do in this academy - it is a great feeling to be here.”

       The sea god nodded slowly since humanity had gone off the rails considering all the endless wars or now called ‘conflicts’ in order not to freak out everyone with a simple mind given to them. “Ah well that is true - I am sure Ares is enjoying the endless desire of humanity to kill each others because of conflicts they have not solved after the two world wars they managed to make happen. It took  me so long to make sure all those torpedos and whatever else ended up in my world - how does one live with humans.” He pushed back to ask why people stopped worshipping him and his family, then again it was obvious from a young period of humanity that they ended up getting bored quickly.

"I see." She couldn’t help but chuckle. His contempt for Olympus was like a torch in a pitch black cave. Not that she minded the fact, the Olympian gods varied in tempers and in their love for the demigods they had brought into the world. "Indeed, I remember he said he needed water for it to work." She placed a finger to her cheek in though, remembering her meeting with a dark haired spawn of his. "Though he made it work, and my back felt much better after it." Chaerin herself took Healing classes yet it seemed her powers weren’t made for it in the end. "Good to hear you like it here." She offered him a smile, letting her guard down more as she talked.

Her lips pursed, from the little she had experienced by meeting Ares she had to agree. The god of War was indeed a man for chaos and bloodshed. Though not every child of his experienced the same will, most of them were truly his children. “One lives with humans like a watcher, though I am a demigod I’m no closer to a human than the gods.” Besides the other demigods here at the academy she had scarce contact with other human. It seemed they shunned her or perhaps she unconsciously shunned them? Who were to say, but she assumed she’d figure that out sooner than she liked.

                       ”Came across someone’s stash of snacks. Life is wonderful.”

Title: I See Fire

Artist: Ed Sheeran

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       ”The daughter of the virgin goddess, what an honour.” Although one might think from the sentence he was an sarcastic ass, but in truth he was amazed to how Apollos twin remained a virgin while the temptations laid everywhere. Even more she had a wild vengeful side to that endless love for the wild together with it’s animals - something Poseidon understood because of his sea along with its inhabitance. “I do have to say I haven’t seen her in such a long while and do miss her more warrior side - I am to blame from being a stranger to all after picking the sea over Olympus some decades back.” His smile was an apologetic one as his teal eyes averted from her beautiful orbs down to the dirty ground which would need a good wash. 

       ”Ah yes the game to which I have the best seats around with the small first aid I can provide given how much water one gives me to play with.” The sea god was one not to get into a fight when it was not needed and no one had insulted him like way back when with the Trojan king. “Though a comment I have on this would be that I am surprised Ares is not around because clearly he would simply bask in this and send out his army along with himself. One never have seen war when not seen how Ares gets his hands dirty.” A small inkling of a smile came to his lips, knowing well how such fight would end and in a way missed it all endlessly because of the fact that no one quite did wars like the war god.

She wasn’t entirely sure how to read his sentence, had it been his son Luhan then well. But of course, she wasn’t entirely her mother’s daughter by flesh— none of her fellow huntresses were in fact. Though she had become accustomed to the fact a long time ago. “Well, had you been here a year or so ago you’d have run into her I’m sure, a shame indeed.” Chaerin mustered the most polite smile she could; the talk about her mother always left a bitter taste on her tongue. “Though I can assure you her ‘warrior’ side hasn’t subdued.” And the blonde has experienced it in full force, no doubt about it.

She had first hand seen a child of his perform a healing action with water yet— it always left her impressed. Chaerin held no such powers herself. “Ah yes, I’ve heard of that particular power.”  Poseidon had indeed a very good point though the blonde had a vague idea why Ares had chose to stay away this time. “Considering all the wars going around the world lately I’m sure Ares has his hands full already, wouldn’t you think so?” She relaxed enough to let a small laugh escape, yet her eye were aware and keen of his every move. “Though I’m sure he had loved to be here for no other reason than to make it even more of a living hell than it already is.”