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sleeping lioness


       ”The daughter of the virgin goddess, what an honour.” Although one might think from the sentence he was an sarcastic ass, but in truth he was amazed to how Apollos twin remained a virgin while the temptations laid everywhere. Even more she had a wild vengeful side to that endless love for the wild together with it’s animals - something Poseidon understood because of his sea along with its inhabitance. “I do have to say I haven’t seen her in such a long while and do miss her more warrior side - I am to blame from being a stranger to all after picking the sea over Olympus some decades back.” His smile was an apologetic one as his teal eyes averted from her beautiful orbs down to the dirty ground which would need a good wash. 

       ”Ah yes the game to which I have the best seats around with the small first aid I can provide given how much water one gives me to play with.” The sea god was one not to get into a fight when it was not needed and no one had insulted him like way back when with the Trojan king. “Though a comment I have on this would be that I am surprised Ares is not around because clearly he would simply bask in this and send out his army along with himself. One never have seen war when not seen how Ares gets his hands dirty.” A small inkling of a smile came to his lips, knowing well how such fight would end and in a way missed it all endlessly because of the fact that no one quite did wars like the war god.

She wasn’t entirely sure how to read his sentence, had it been his son Luhan then well. But of course, she wasn’t entirely her mother’s daughter by flesh— none of her fellow huntresses were in fact. Though she had become accustomed to the fact a long time ago. “Well, had you been here a year or so ago you’d have run into her I’m sure, a shame indeed.” Chaerin mustered the most polite smile she could; the talk about her mother always left a bitter taste on her tongue. “Though I can assure you her ‘warrior’ side hasn’t subdued.” And the blonde has experienced it in full force, no doubt about it.

She had first hand seen a child of his perform a healing action with water yet— it always left her impressed. Chaerin held no such powers herself. “Ah yes, I’ve heard of that particular power.”  Poseidon had indeed a very good point though the blonde had a vague idea why Ares had chose to stay away this time. “Considering all the wars going around the world lately I’m sure Ares has his hands full already, wouldn’t you think so?” She relaxed enough to let a small laugh escape, yet her eye were aware and keen of his every move. “Though I’m sure he had loved to be here for no other reason than to make it even more of a living hell than it already is.”

ᴘᴜʀɢᴇ ᴡɪʟʟ ʟᴇᴀᴠᴇ sᴄʜᴏᴏʟ ɪɴ ʀᴜɪɴs

By: The Headmaster

Somewhere near Seoul — No casualties have been reported as of yet, but there have been several sights of a school in ruins. Dorms are being broken down, and classrooms are reduced to very little more than rubble. 

A little bird has also informed us the weapon shed is completely demolished, courtesy of the eldest of the Zeus siblings, Wu Yifan. 

Lastely we would like to warn injured students that the infirmary currently serves as a battlefield, so we advice tending to your wounds elsewhere.

That’s it for now, keep an eye on The Bansin Times for more information, 

[!!!] ᴛᴀɢs

Please remember to track the tags #bt: purge update and #bt: purge death throughout the duration of the event.

We try to register everything major that happens on dash, and inform everyone through those tags, but if you feel like your muse is doing something significant that will have a large effect on the academy, and you don’t see it reported, feel free to drop the Bansin Times an ask or submit and we will announce it!

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       ”Let me.” Pulling the water out of her clothing and off her body, leaving the female a drier yet clearly no enough, yet Poseidon was not able to create magic even though he sometimes wished for one. The water ball was of course now smaller once more at his side while he pushed out the mass from the near by open window as it rained down at the near by plants. “I apologize for my manners,” he spoke and bowed deeply at the female who he had met under less than good circumstances which saddened him. “I am Poseidon - the god of the seas, but on land I am known as Maximillian. Who do I have the honour to meet?” His tone was calm and collected, teal eyes fully settled on her as his back straightened up.

       The game was one that put many on edge, something endlessly obvious with the female on the edge of either jumping back like a frightened deer or attack like a mother lioness. The sea god was not sure what could happen, leaving him to be rather curious to how she would react since before him stood not goddess, but a demigod who surely was a beautiful individual. “I am guessing from your jumpiness comes either from you fearing to see an ex-boyfriend or the game  - my bet is rather on the game.”

She opened her mouth to talk, yet the sensation of water leaving her clothes and hair left her well— baffled. His swift and seemingly effortless motion impressed her, yet Chaerin was ready to scold him good for being so careless. But his introduction stopped her in her tracks before the words would even form in her mind. “Oh—” was her first, and terribly genius, reply to his introduction. Had she really been thinking about scolding the god of the Sea? She would surely have been sent to the underworld for that.

"I’d say the honours are mine and I’m Lee Chaerin, daughter of Artemis." She bowed, a bow fit towards a god before she straightened up. She was still wary of him, the event left openings for him to attack her. Though she wasn’t sure he would or meant to. "My ex-boyfriend is one I haven’t seen for good half a year or so, game is the correct guess." Her muscles were still tense, but who could blame her for her nervousness. She was no match towards a god, her own mortality always frighteningly  obvious in a god’s presence.  "The game has everyone on pins I’d believe.”

poseidonbansin: As the night turned over the day, Maximillian walked the halls to get back into his room as a small ball of water travel before him since his mind was bored. The calm of it all seemed to good to be true, leaving him only to sigh when a small sound of surprise came around the corner which left his step to quicken. "I apologize," he spoke, head bowed and another sigh coming from him. "It helps me to keep away from further attacks."

It might be quiet, and people might be asleep yet— Chaerin’s nerves were not by far calm. How could  they even be? These 48 hours were designed for murder and other situations she would rather not imagine. Some time, some where at the academy somebody would perform gruesome attacks just to let of steam. It was all a ticking bomb.

Yet, despite her awareness the sight of a floating ball of water ( it was blue so she imagined it was water ) took her by surprise. “What the—” She let out a squeak, or something along those lines, as the water drenched her from head to toe. Though it didn’t stop there. The sudden appearance of a tall male, though unknown to her, had her nearly jumping back. Wary, she watched him and listened. “I can see the use for it but I really did not expect to get drenched during this thing.”


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« a tattered leaf »

A line of profanities was the only sound coming from the blonde female. Her black top had been cut on the side, and with it her skin. Blood trickled from the wound and down her side and it stung worse than she imagined it would. “Gods fucking damnit.” She groaned and lifted her hand from her side. The sight nearly made her queasy; Chaerin could stomach pretty much everything, except her own blood in great amounts.

As much as she cursed the demigod who did it, she couldn’t help but give the biggest scolding to herself. “She looks sick you say, it’ll be fine you say.” She grumbled to herself and tugged her black tank top over her head and away. The motion made her wince, though she’d experience worse before during the Battle Royale. ‘That was a much bigger cut too.’ She wanted to shrug but voted against it as the motion would probably sting. “What does a girl have to do to get a bandage around here, offer a limb to the gods?” Chaerin grumbled sarcastically, her tank top was too small to use for one and she did need something to wear.