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When he’s comfortable enough he’s quite possibly a difficult creature to stop socializing with, superfluous words that tangle with subtle actions and quirks that try to devour him and selfishly whomever he chooses to fawn over. In this case, when feet pick up again and a hand graces the broad curvature of his back, he’s pleased with the reciprocation of extroverted bravery,almost as if he was afraid that it was but a figment hitherto. Weariness is instinctual to his bones, racks him with thoughts of not being good enough for proper interaction save for in sleep when he’s incapable of expression, but she does well in quelling those nasty thorns obtrusively prodding at his consciousness. She takes them away long enough for him to give topics a quick flip through— magazine pages of when and where and how— until he has a few clippings on his tongue for conversation purposes. Of course, the cafeteria came first, her needs and the priority of them being met came before mere speech but he feels impatient like always, itching to throw himself into the light of observance like he had starved himself of it for millenniums on end because he had. Few students occupied the vast court and the first thought he conjures is one of cereal bits floating in milk, once accompanied by many until those morsels were swallowed up by classes and what not. It makes him ponder where to sit or if he should possibly just ask her where she wants to sit; he didn’t necessarily have much of a purpose to be choosy with his lack of food and the like. He only carries conversation and waning grogginess and awkward hands that raise in a diminutive to gingerly press against his lips in a bad habit of covering his mouth when he talks. Hypnos fails to remember how soft his own voice tends to be and how his only company is but just one, sunny woman.  ” Shall I—” A pause is littered with the croak of a held out vowel. ” Wait for you until you have acquired what you need?” 

She kept her hand on his back, almost as to comfort him, to ensure the god that she was far from dangerous. Though, in context she could possibly seen as the sweetest girl around, yet— it was all situation based. A Huntress she was, a title she had by heritage and much difficulty required. And Artemis’ Hunters and Huntresses were placed in the world to govern her mother’s domain, an position that required the holder to show certain sides of herself that would usually not surface amongst others. But his voice reaches out to her, making that line of thought disappear like fog; replaced by a smile. “Ah yes!” She begins while moving away from the god, her hand moving to place her books on a table close to the two. “It’ll take but a minute.” The blonde flashed him another smile, hand reaching into her bag to fish out her wallet. Attempting to hurry, as to not let the god wait, she strides through the rather silent cafeteria. The other students merely minding their own business as she passes them, her blonde hair flowing behind. With a soft ‘hello’ she greeted the cafeteria lady, quickly pouring herself a cup of coffee. Ah, when could she possibly go without the comfort a small cup of coffee always gave her. The thought of simply spending a morning lazily tucked away in her bed with a cup of coffee was enough to produce a small smile. Luxuries indeed. Quickly, she scanned the selection, her eyes landing on a scone and a pack of jam. Happy with her choices she moved to the checkout. Though scones would perhaps only fill her somewhat, she grabbed a nearby pack of grapes and nodded to herself. This would do plenty, she mused and handed the lady the money she owed. With a swift “Thank you”, she turned around and moved back to the table. Although this time slower, not wishing to spill any of the liquid in her cup. The blonde’s eyes went up searching for the god’s, as to say she was on her way disguised as a small smile.

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The other seemed very confident in knowing the layout of the school and that was something that Gina could definitely benefit from in the future. It would help to know where everything was, and where were the secrets of this facility if it was ever needed. She walked along Chaerin’s side and nodded in response. Nothing needed to be said other than what she already had.

She watched her silent answer with a smile, not needing the verbal confirmation if the other didn’t deem it fit. “Well good to hear we got one.” The blonde began her sentence with a small smile. “I hope you’l like it here then as the deputy headmistress!”

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A laugh erupts from him, happy to have had scared her. “Nobody.”

As his laughter bubbles she grimaces, wishing to hit him or anything that would inflict some pain. “Really– Really— You just had to didn’t you.”

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"I earned it?" He glares at the female. "I bought it."

She covers slightly at his glare. “Who made you so upset–” Her lips pursed, watching him curiously.

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A judging expression was evident on Jay’s face as he stood outside her door, the tray of coffee in his hand threatening to be directed to her face. “You’re lucky I really really like you.”

"The joy of being bestfriends my dear." She grins sheepishly as she steps, allowing him to walk in if he wanted to. "Since you earned it, and more, want a cup of that coffee you so generously brought with you?"

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[ i m p o r t a n t ] Temporarily shut down and re-vamp of Directory


Basically, me and Younha decided we need a re-vamp. Along with a team of new admins we’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to do that is to shut it down for a while and work undisturbed. Thus;

Kpop Demigods will be closed for new applications, reservations and what not until we are done.

Must likely we’ll be back up in a weeks time. For the members of the Directory there’s a few things you will have to note.

Firstly, keep roleplaying, keep to the rules; you are still students of this academy despite the directory being shut down.

Secondly, when we open up again we will be asking EVERYONE, yes everyone, to re-apply. But we will be reserving the current masterlist in our drafts, and you guys will have it reserved for you for a total of 5 days. Nobody is going to unfairly take your place. However, if you are on Hiatus we cannot promise we’ll be able to notify you. Please, if anyone knows where to contact people on hiatus, do let them know.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience but we felt that this was needed.

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adorable chae~

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